Air Cargo

A Trade Center Manufacturing Base

Few areas in the United States rival the Niagara region in its capability to serve international trade and freight.  The abundance of goods moving among the region’s border crossings makes Buffalo Niagara the eighth busiest U.S. international freight gateway, and fourth for international freight traveling by ground.

Responding to the needs of the cross-border trade, Buffalo Niagara’s workforce and business climate provides extensive experience in the essential support services required to accommodate international freight.  With a seasoned logistics industry that includes customs brokers, freight forwarders and trucking companies, Buffalo Niagara's soft infrastructure gives the NFIA a competitive edge other inland airports envy.

Air cargo is a natural fit for the Niagara Falls International Airport.  With the increase costs of fuel, landing fees, and infrastructure expenses in the major urban centers, operating out of the NFIA makes sense. 


Buffalo Niagara is a region comprising eight counties of western New York State, on the border of the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada.  The region is served by four international bridges connecting the U.S. and Canada and two train crossings.  The Niagara Falls International Airport is centrally located for distribution to and from major population centers, easily reached from the U.S. highway system.

Highway Distance to Major Cities (miles)

Atlanta, GA   895

Miami, FL   1,393

Baltimore, MD 386

Montreal, PQ (Can.)  413

Boston, MA   482

New York, NY   371

Chicago, IL   556

Philadelphia, PA 400

Cleveland, OH 190

Pittsburgh, PA 240

Kansas City, MO  991

Toronto, Canada  112

Memphis, TN   928

Washington, DC  379